[Cinema Anime] Screening this Sat April 14

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Wed Apr 11 23:03:32 PDT 2007

    Some interesting new fansubs, plus ADV sent episode 1&2 of Kurau  
Phantom Memory, which is pretty neat.  And since they were nice  
enough to sent free stuff, consider heading over to their club area at:


    to take their survey.

Schedule for Saturday, April 14th, 2007

1:00 You're Under Arrest Mini-Special
1:30 Ouran High School Host Club
2:00 Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig
2:30 Eureka Seven
3:00 Goddanar
3:30 Noein
4:00 Ah! My Goddess
4:30 Tenchi Muyo GXP
5:00 Dinner break (Viewer's choice)
6:00 Azumanga Daioh
6:30 Pumpkin Scissors
7:00 Moon Phase
7:30 Karin


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