[Cinema Anime] Showing this Saturday, December 11

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Wed Dec 8 23:56:22 PST 2010

   We started up some new series last time, both sedate and insane, and we'll keep running with the most popular ones, so come along and vote.  Plus Santa may bring something by for all the good boys and girls...

Schedule for Saturday, December 11th, 2010

1:00 School Rumble season 2
1:30 Slayers Try
2:00 Moribito
2:30 My Bride Is a Mermaid
3:00 Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2
3:30 Special A
4:00 Gurren Lagann
4:30 Tower of Druaga
5:00 Dinner break (Viewer's choice)
6:00 Xam'd
6:30 Full Metal Panic
7:00 Toradora!
7:30 Soul Eater

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