[Cinema Anime] Screening this Saturday, January 9th

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Thu Jan 7 01:23:36 PST 2010

   More anime is in the mail even as we speak, including Genshiken 2 (we'll see if it shows up in time), Spice and Wolf, and several other favorites.  Plus the usual bin of surplus dvds waiting to be sold off.  As usual, the schedule is more of a suggestion than a rule, and be sure to let me know if you'd like me to bring something in particular.

Schedule for Saturday, January 9th, 2010

1:00 Ninja Nonsense
1:30 School Rumble
2:00 Slayers Try
2:30 Phantom Memory Kurau
3:00 Noein
3:30 Eureka Seven
4:00 Gurren Lagann
4:30 Princess Resurrection
5:00 Dinner break (Viewer's choice)
6:00 Utawarerumono
6:30 Clannad
7:00 Moribito
7:30 Moon Phase


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