[Cinema Anime] Screening this Saturday, December 10

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Thu Dec 8 21:32:59 PST 2011

   Avoid malls, long lines, and annoying holiday music at Cinema Anime this Saturday.  I've dug up a few items you've been asking for, and there's a chance Santa will come a few weeks early.  At the very least, we'll have some cookies, just in case.

Schedule for Saturday, December 10th, 2011

1:00 School Rumble season 2
1:30 Gokusen
2:00 Moribito
2:30 My Bride Is a Mermaid
3:00 Sound of the Sky
3:30 Special A
4:00 Gurren Lagann
4:30 Sword of Uruk
5:00 Dinner break (Viewer's choice)
6:00 Xam'd
6:30 Slayers Revolution
7:00 Durarara!!
7:30 Soul Eater

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