[Cinema Anime] Showing this Saturday, December 14

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Tue Dec 10 20:51:07 PST 2019

It’s the holiday season, and all through the house … was a literal pile of DVDs looking for a good home for not much green.  I’m talking a Berlin Wall of classic boxed sets and individual movies, like Nadia, Rah Xephon, Kimagure Orange Road, Card Captor Sakura, Hellsing, Witch Hunter Robin, all of Ranma 1/2, and most of the movies from Studio Ghibli, just to get started.

If that isn’t enough, we’ll have holiday treats laid out.

If THAT isn’t enough, we’ll show anime, and maybe even sneak in a feature presentation.

Schedule for Saturday, December 14th, 2019

We'll be showing anime from 1pm-8pm normally.  Our group's current favorites are:

	• Log Horizon s. 2
	• Working (Wagnaria)
	• The Ancient Magus' Bride
	• Fruits Basket (2019)
	• Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World
	• If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat the Demon Lord
	• Violet Evergarden
	• Elegant Yokai Apartment Life
	• Hozuki no Reitetsu s2 (Hozuki's Coolheadedness s2)
	• Wise Man's Grandchild
	• Heavy Object
	• Food Wars s3
	• Recovery of an MMO Junkie
	• Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Be Average in the Next Life?!
	• Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? s2
	• Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

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